KY State Police Fitness Information

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The KY State Police Fitness tests and standards have been validated to ensure that an applicant, if selected to an Academy class, will have a reasonable chance of success in attaining a higher standard of Physical Readiness during cadet training. Failure of any one test excludes the applicant from further processing.

The KY State Police Academy physical training requires a great deal of physical strength and stamina.  Both the written test and the physical abilities test are designed to measure an applicant’s ability to perform satisfactorily at the Training Academy and on the State’s Minimum Standards test.  The physical abilities test may include such tasks as:

• Bench press (based on body weight percentage)

• 2 minute sit-up test

• 300 meter run

• 2 minute push-up test

• 1.5 mile run

TIP: Be sure to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled test time. Applicants shall bring with them a form of picture ID, such as an Operators License for check-in.

Ky State Police Fitness Test Video

About KY State Police Fitness Standards

In 1998 a physical agility test battery was approved and adopted by the KLEC for use throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a mechanism to screen applicants. It also has been applied as an entrance and exit standard to the Basic Academy. The original test battery was composed of six items, each reflecting the underlying constructs required to perform police duties, as evidenced by a validated job-task analysis. Currently, the test battery consists of five items. Dr. Bryant Stamford and Dr.  Robert Moffatt completed the present study in the summer of 2009. This new approach employs an “overall” scoring scheme which allows a lower score on one test item to be compensated by a higher score on another test item.

KY State Police Fitness Test Scoring

The following chart is used to determine the points earned for each event.  In order to meet the state standard, an overall minimum of 50 points must be achieved. Failure to meet the overall minimum requirement constitutes a failure for the test battery. Opportunities to retest are granted at the sole discretion of the hiring agency.

Physical Performance Points Distribution

Event 9 pts 9.5 pts 10 pts 10.5 pts 11 pts
Bench Press (% body weight) 55.3% 59.7% 64% 68.5% > 73%
Sit Ups (repetitions) 13 16 18 ——> 18
300 Meter Run (seconds) 68 67 65 ——> < 65
Push Ups (repetitions) 14 17 20 23 > 25
1.5 Mile Run (min:sec) 17:56 17:34 17:12 16:44 < 16:15


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