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The Maine State Police Academy is a three step training program. Beginning with an 18-week Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLETP, followed by a 2-week  Basic Corrections Training Program (BCOR), completed with an In-Service training program . The entrance standards to the Maine State Police Academy are some of the toughest in the United States. The MCJA training program is nearly as physical and mentally demanding as the actual job itself.  Academy recruits are truly given unique insight to the intensity of the difficult profession for which they are preparing.

A Day at the ME State Police Academy

Maine Police Academy Training

As a Police Recruit, you receive comprehensive training from the professional instructors at the Maine Police Academy.  This training includes:

  • Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement
        Constitutional Law
    State statutes
    City ordinances
    Federal, state and local courts
  • Defense Tactics & Control Techniques
        Use of firearms
    Use of  the expandable baton
    Unarmed defense
    Emergency vehicle operation
    Officer survival
    Aerosol weapons
  • Criminal Investigation
    Principles and techniques of interviewing
    Crimes against persons & property
    Vice and organized crime
    Arson investigation
    Crime scene investigation
    Report writing
  • Police Response to Community Problems
        Community policing
    Conflict resolution
    Domestic violence
    Community social services
    Child abuse and neglect
    Mental illness
    Substance abuse
    Patrol procedures and techniques
    Traffic safety and enforcement
    DUI enforcement
    First Aid/CPR


Maine Police Academy Experience

After graduation from the Maine state police academy you will become a Police Officer and be assigned to work with an experienced Field Training Officer.  Your on-the-job training will equip you with the special skills and knowledge that are necessary in the law enforcement field.

Maine State Police – Benefits

Upon graduation from the ME police academy you will be eligible for benefit programs. While the details of the benefits may vary, most include:

Salary- base $36,753.60 which progresses through seniority steps to $49,420.80.
Overtime– is paid at one and half times the basic hourly rate for time worked beyond an assigned shift. Health and Dental Insurance- The value of State paid Health and Dental insurance is $340.81 biweekly.
Vacation – 
paid vacation leave starting at one day per month to a maximum of 2 days per month based
on seniority.
Sick Leave – paid sick leave earned at one day per month
Education – law enforcement related college degree incentive that includes an hourly stipend of $0.19
for an Associates degree, $0.31 for a Bachelor degree and $0.43 for a Masters or higher
degree. Incentives for continuing education, often leading to promotion opportunities.
Retirement- A 25-year retirement system with an employee contribution of only 8.65% (remainder is
paid by the State). Troopers retire at 50% of their maximum salary while employees
working over 25 years receive an additional 2% of retirement pay for each additional year
worked beyond 25 years.
Allowance – 
clothing or uniform cleaning allowance of $65 per month;
cell phone allowance of $50.00 per month, paid semi-annually;
assigned vehicle with a yearly allowance of $260.00 for cleaning


 Maine Police Districts

State Police Troop Map


Maine State Troopers 9 Barracks

Maine State Troopers patrol from nine barracks located across the state. These barracks are:

  • Troop A – Alfred – York County
  • Troop B – Gray – Southern Maine
  • Troop C – Skowhegan – Western Maine
  • Troop D – Augusta – Midcoast Maine
  • Troop E – Orono – Central Maine
  • Troop F – Houlton – Northern Maine
  • Troop G – South Portland – Maine Turnpike
  • Troop J – Ellsworth – Downeast Maine

Troop K is composed of sworn Troopers that enforce the motor vehicle guideline laws set forth by the State of Maine. These Troopers are members of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement unit, and are based out of the state’s capital city, Augusta.

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