Auto Mechanic

Police officers have many tools that they used in the field. It’s important to take care of each piece of equipment because it could one day save your life. Most policemen know that it’s important to properly care for your firearm but there is one tool that is used every day and can often go forgotten…the police vehicle.


Whether you are patrolling, chasing a suspect or responding to an emergency call, the police car is vital your success. That’s why having regular auto maintenance and proper auto repair is so important. If your police cruiser breaks down in the middle of a pursuit then it doesn’t matter fast you are, the criminal will likely get away.Here are some of the preventative maintenance jobs that you should have done to your vehicle on a regular basis.


  1. Oil Change – Regular oil changes are one of best preventative measure you can take to keep your car running well.
  2. Brake and Tire Replacement – Stopping is just as important as accelerating. Make sure your tires and brakes aren’t wore out or your chase could end in a crash.
  3. Suspension Replacement – Driving a vehicle with a bad suspension is like driving on a trampoline. Your car will bounce up and down making for an uncomfortable ride and making it harder to take turns.


Knowing that your car is being serviced correctly is critical. At PoliceAcademyHub we believe that knowing your auto repairman and having a good relationship with him is important. When we need work done to our vehicles we find one serviceman and keep going back and we recommend that you do the same.