[Watch] Texas Officers Heroic Act

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Click HERE to watch if you can’t see the above video.

We love to highlight the heroics of police work and thought this video did a great job at that.  While not every day at work as an officer will be marked with these kind of situations it’s good to remember that law enforcement is more than just a job, it’s an honorable career of helping others. Below is a short description of the video

When Officer Philip Standefer responded in a minor vehicular collision last week in Lubbock, Texas, he had no way of knowing  that he was about to step into a life-threating situation. Caught on video by a police cruiser’s dash-cam, we are able to see exactly what kind of quick thinking and selflessness is required by officers of the law.

While speaking with a 19 year old witness to the accident, Standefer spots something unsettling heading his way. With no time to think and only a moment to react, Standefer leaps into action.  The unsettling object happened to be Standefer’s own squad hit by a drunk driver and sent hurling towards himself witness Sarah Beaty . Without hesitation, Standefer pushes Beaty off the side of the road, putting himself between her and any danger.  Both Standefer and Beaty suffered minor injuries, which they consider nothing compared to what might have occured.  Since the heroic act, Standefer and Beaty have been reunited to talk about that life changing moment. Peter Keltz, the 23 year old drunk driver was soon arrested, but later released on $55,000 bail.

While Standefer had no connection to the woman he saved, he knew exactly what he needed to do when he saw the out of control vehicle coming her way. There is no way of knowing what situation an officer will find himself in day to day, but academy training and years on the force prepare men and woman like Standefer to be ready for the unexpected.